• The SSVNRS curriculum model represents the school’s commitment to optimize teaching and learning & facilitate children’s holistic development and well-being. Through a curriculum that is stimulating and creative and an environment that is safe and child centred we enable the learner to explore multiple dimensions of excellence, encompassing intellectual social, emotional & physical development. There is equal emphasis on academic rigour and engagements beyond the classroom through a wide spectrum of opportunities.
  • The school’s guiding statements underpin the facts that cherishing ones culture and respecting that of others as well as values-based learning, are pivotal to holistic education. The educational programs at the school focus on inculcating in the learner five key attributes: Creativity and innovation, Collaboration, leadership, Global citizenship and life-long learning.
  • All the elements in our curriculum model converge to bring out the best in every child and enable them to be on the path of continuous development & progress.